Rock Tees, Band Tees, Rock and Roll T-shirts

Rock tees are a wardrobe essential. They’re the grown-up graphic t-shirt that lets everyone know you listen to awesome music from Johnny Cash to the Sex Pistols. Whether you like the classic rock tee: a plain t-shirt, a little bit vintage with your favorite band’s awesome logo on it, or the deconstructed rock tee: cut-up to perfection, shoulder showing and making it look like you were actually in the band…Smak Parlour has got you covered. Spend the day looking like you just got off the stage in one of our deconstructed band t-shirts by pairing it them with leatherette pants and chunky combat boots. Don’t forget your red lipstick and black eyeliner! You may want to make a statement that girly-girls can wear band t-shirts too by pairing one with a midi skirt, pointy-toe heels and bling—lots of it. Put your hair in that victory roll, go for your signature cat eye and keep it fun with pink lipstick.