Life is but a dream

One day, back in the day, two BFF's chanced upon each other while perfecting their cat-eye liner in a high school bathroom. Abby was standing, Katie was there, two worlds collided…and they had nothing to wear! Grazing thrift stores and scouring flea markets, cutting up and reassembling their finds, they created their own looks. 

Off to fashion college they went, taking all of the same classes. Abby + Katie's closet was a go-to for friends seeking the perfect outfit within their extensive joint clothing collection. They designed a line of deconstructed and embellished tees ("Smak") and sold them to boutiques and specialty shops across the country. Their shared destiny was taking shape.

2005 saw the launch of their brick and mortar and 12 years later, Smak Parlour is still a pink little piece of girl-ish heaven in Old City, Philadelphia. From its beginnings as a sewing parlour for their in-house label, Smak, it has evolved to become a beloved boutique for all things fierce and feminine for tourists and locals alike. 

As always, Abby + Katie design what they love, and continue to search for pieces that would thrill the coolest girl in every room. The Spring 2017 Smak Parlour Cut & Sew Collection is now available (here) online, in the Old City boutique, and in select retail stores throughout the USA and Canada!